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The cleanest city in the Philippines. You will never find a single cigarette butt along the road. If you find one among the array of photos in this page you have seen what I have missed. The city is strict about cleanliness and environment protection. Being the hub of trade and commerce in the island the city is also the gateway to the best tourist attractions in the country. Thus, visiting Palawan gives you the impression that this province is worth a try and see for yourself. The city of Puerto Princesa, the Palawan you know, the verdant forest, the simple friendly people, these will keep you in the province, and you do not plan to leave this province again.

Scenic road of Puerto Princesa

Baywalk of Puerto Princesa

Capitol at Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa Cathedral

Pier of Puerto Princesa

A resort at Puerto Princesa

Rural scene of the city